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Dry Eye Syndrome, is a persistent and escalating condition which is mainly
dependent upon its cause and severity. In fact, it may not be completely curable
but in most cases dry eyes can be managed rather successfully, usually resulting in
noticeably greater eye comfort, fewer dry eye symptoms along with sharper
vision sometimes or relief in blurred vision.

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In this condition actually, “reflex tearing” does not stay long on the eye to correct
the underlying dry eye condition but it can cause (sometimes permanent) damage
to the surface of the eye. It can also affect the outcomes of LASIK and cataract

A bedside humidor (Moistener) can add wetness back into the air through which,
symptoms of dry eyes can be reduced. By warm compression to the eyes and
gentle wash to the eyelids by using very mild baby shampoo can release the oil in
the tear glands, which actually improves the quality of tears.

By adding fatty acids like Omega-3 in the diet, eye signs and symptoms can be
relieved. Flax seed salmon, sardines and Castor oil eye drops are the good

Actually, dry Eye Syndrome which is an ongoing condition and its treatment may
be unable to cure but symptoms like dryness, scratchiness and burning can
usually be controlled.

Apart from being uncomfortably annoying, dry-eye syndrome can also prove
harmful and can permanently damage eye vision. Prescription of eye drops for dry
eye can prove helpful in increasing tear production. If left untreated, dry eye can
cause light sensitivity and blurred vision. Furthermore, under-lubricated eyes are
more susceptible to scratches or infection. In case of no treatment, severe dry
eyes may lead to eye inflammation & irritation, abrasion of the corneal surface or
damage to it, corneal ulcer and vision problems.

In fact, without adequate tears, one may have an increased risk of eye infection
which can lead to damage of the surface of the eyes.

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 The best way to improve eyesight naturally by providing them FOOD
FOR SIGHT like carrots, kale, spinach collard greens (vitamin A and
lutein), Liver (vitamin A), including cod liver oil, Swiss chard, zucchini,
and brussel sprouts (lutein), Sweet potatoes and butter (vitamin A)On the precautionary ground,
 One should avoid cigarette smoke, as it tends to dry out the eyes.
 We should wear wraparound sunglasses to protect the eyes from the
wind and reduce tear evaporation.
 One should drink eight to 10 glasses of water every day to keep entire
body hydrated.